A storyteller. Whether it be in the classroom, in a blog post, in front of my community, or through conversations with any stranger, I’m passionate about the connections we make, growth, and campaigning for everyone’s hero journey.

My flow is in cultivating anything and everything. I thrive on seeking and being a questioner of the status quo. What am I most known for? My contagious energy and passion. What’s my superpower? Genuinity and connection. From my many homes as a military brat to my diverse palette of work experience, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the human experience – and how to tell a damn good story about it. When you’re the daughter of a Navy Captain and an ex-Olympian, you know a little something about work ethic. 😉

Things I’m great at:
Teaching and learning facilitation of all ages [was the 1st Idaho public school teacher to put Harry Potter in the curriculum – yes we played Quiddich]. Writing and content development – thanks to both my Bachelors and Masters degrees for that, as well as consistently working this craft in every job thus far (whatever you spend the most time doing…). Coaching – my sports, school, and community teaching experience can speak for itself. Brand development for local businesses. Website design and maintenance. Digital marketing – because my stud of a husband taught me all he knows. Videography. Project manager extraordinaire. Amateur horticulturist – ask me about how I feel about plants and how mushrooms will save the world. I really am your swiss army knife and jack of all trades in the truest sense.

I speak for the unconventional, the ambitious, and for cultivating the divine power in all of us. I’m honored to utilize my own alchemy to connect others with their own. As Ram Dass says, we are all walking each other home!

“Happiness is only real when shared.”
-Christopher McCandless

To change the world
it starts with one step
However small
First step is hardest of all”
-Dave Mathews Band